Film works  between 1991-2018 in chronological order

Documentary films / Fiction / Corporate films / Music videos /Pilots (work in progress)

(2018) MINNESMETALLER, short film / fiction, 15 min  – Coming soon!
Poster_Memory Metals_A3_OKT2018
A Moonlighting STHLM production

Roland, a retired engineer, gets an iPad from his family to keep him updated in the modern digital world. Instead of digital euphoria the new technology breaks him down in to bits. Roland longs for the the world that he understood and for love of his ex wife that still cares about him, but left him when the world was still analogue.
Cast: Bengt CW Carlsson, Katarina Weidhagen, Annelie Hedin, Patrik Franke
Voices: Sasha Konar Lazic & Nadja Franke

Scriptwriter & Director: Beata Konar
Cinematographer : Miko Lazic
Producers: Miko Lazic & Beata Konar / Moonlighting STHLM
Executiva producers: Miko Lazic, Beata Konar, Ryszard Konar & Anna Konar
Focus puller / Drone pilot: Marcus CF Tinnerholm
Sound: Ellizabeth Carlyon & Joakim Gustafsson
Costume: Stina Hedin
Art direction: Elizabet Glimrot & Annika Johanson
Make up artist: Lillis Hemmingsson / assistant: Amanda Holmberg
Continuity: Sophie Weidling
Runner/assistent: Frans Van Hal
Editing: Miko Lazic & Beata Konar
Sound design: Melissa Pons
Foley: Gianluca Dolfi
Composer: Jimmy Lagnefors
Mix: Erik Häusler
Script consultant: Annica Wennström
Cinematograhy consultant: Bratislav Stankovic
Editing consultant: Annica Wennström, Fredrik Alneng, Kirsi Vikman, Jimmy Karlsson


(2016) FILM Moonlighting Industries (Funded By Me)
First Assistant Director – Beata Konar, Director/Writer/Producer – Miko Lazic, Director Of Photography – Bratislav Stankovic, Composer – Hans Lundgren, 3D Animator – Elizabet Glimrot, Sound Designer/Boom Operator -Manne Kjellander, Production Sound Mixer – Janna Johansson, Costume – Natalie Olenheim


(2015) SHOWREEL  – Moonlightng STHLM
“After 20 years of love and work we finally decided to take a giant leap in our lives and make a Showreel”
Director: Beata Konar & Miko Lazic


(2014) SHOWREEL  – Kajsa Ekström
Producer: Miko Lazic / Moonlighting STHLM
Actor: Kajsa Ekström /Idea: Beata Konar & Miko Lazic /Scriptwriter: Miko Lazic & Beata Konar /Director: Miko Lazic & Beata Konar/ Director Of Photography: Bratislav Stankovic /Sound: Eifra Santesson/Editor: Miko Lazic/ Motion Graphics & VFX Artist: Miko Lazic/ Sound Design: Miko Lazic/ Music: Miko Lazic, Georges Delerue, Francis Monkman, Mic Studio.

(2014) Nångång måste allting skaka (Trailer)
: Beata Konar och Miko Lazic /Redigering trailer: Miko Lazic

Dokumentation av “Nångång måste allting skaka”, en fri tolkning av Matteuspassionen. Filmad i Allhelgonakyrkan i april 2014. Medverkande: Staffan Hellstrand, Bob Hansson, Fredrik Blank och Helene Berg /Kreativ producent: Elin Engström. För mer info. se


(2014) SHORT FILM – Afrikagrupperna
production: Moonlighting STHLM/producer: Miko Lazic /copywriter, scriptwriter, director: Beata Konar /animation: Elizabet Glimrot /actor: Nadja Franke/sounddesign: Miko Lazic / Music & song: Beata Konar & Miko Lazic / Editor: Beata Konar


(2013) SHORT FILM – Afrikagrupperna
production: Moonlighting STHLM, producer: Miko Lazic / copywriter, scriptwriter, director: Beata Konar / animation: Elizabet Glimrot / voice over: Katarina Weidhagen / Sound design: Miko Lazic / Editor: Beata Konar & Miko Lazic


(2013) SHORT FILM – Afrikagrupperna
production: Moonlighting STHLM, producer: Miko Lazic / copywriter, scriptwriter, director: Beata Konar / animation: Elizabet Glimrot / voice over: Bengt CW Carlsson / Sound design: Miko Lazic / Editor: Beata Konar & Miko Lazic


(2013) THE COLD (short film 10, min)
production: Despot Film, director: Miko Lazic / co-scriptwriter, FAD, unit manager:Beata Konar

Festival screenings: Clermont-Ferrand(France)/Tromso International Filmfestival (Norway)/Flickerfest /FlickerKids (Australia), Nordisk Panorama (Sweden)

Official trailer by Beata Konar


Upcoming sequel to “More than just a svensson”(2006) shortdocumentary(28min)
produced by: Beata Konar Produktion & Despot Filmproducer, scriptwriter, director: Beata Konar / director of photography: Miko Lazic

“How it feels to be me? I don´t know. I´m just an ordinary nice guy that wants a better, richer and more famous life than my parents…”


(2011) PAS DE DEUX SANS TOI (dance film)
Produced by: Despot Film/Director of photography: Miko Lazic /Performers: Charlotta Öfverholm and Lindy Larsson /Idea/Choreographer/Director: Charlotta Öfverholm /Director: Jordi Cortes/Lightdesign: Tobias Hallgren /Costumes: Sari Nuttunen /Music: Lauri Antila /Camera operators: Bratislav Stankovic, Jonas Axelsson, Beata Konar, Andrés Rignell.


(2011) CORPORATE FILM – Zodiak
production: Despot Film / Beata Konar: sound engineer


(2011 ) THE COLD
production: Despot Film / Beata Konar : co-scriptwriter, FAD, unit manager


(2010) (2010)MUSIC VIDEO – DE LESCANO (3 min) for EMI
production: Despot Film / Beata Konar: co-scriptwriter, co-director  


production: Domotion / director: Miko Lazic / Beata Konar : scriptwriter, FAD, unit manager


(2009) MOTHER(MAMMA), Pilot(13 min), Art film / documentary
Production: Despot Film / Beata Konar; Scriptwriter & director / Text from Simone de Bauvoires Le deuxième sexe 1949 / Voice over: Nadja Franke


(2008) ISKARIOT , feature lenght film
production: Ironwoods films / director: Miko Lazic / Beata Konar: adviser to the director



(2008) WE ARE NO TWIN SOULS – IT´S ONLY A GIRL PARTY ,  fiction, Pilot(17min)
produktion : Despot Film / Beata Konar : scriptwriter , director

(2004/2006) MORE THAN JUST A SVENSSON, documentary film (85min)
production : Beata Konar Produktion & Filmkreatörerna / Beata Konar : scriptwriter, director, photographer, sound engineer, co-editor,  producer


(2005) MADE IN YUGOSLAVIA, feature length film, fiktion
production:Filmkreatörerna / director : Miko Lazic / Beata Konar : manuscript editing, adviser to the director 


(2003) BOBAN – THE HOCKEYSTAR, shortfilm, fiction
production: Filmkreatörerna /director: Miko Lazic / Beata Konar: manuscript editing, adviser to the director


Beata Konar: director, editor


(1999) TIDEN  FÖRÄNDRAR, shortfilm, fiction
production: Swedish Television / director: Miko Lazic / Beata Konar : scriptwriter


(1998)  LUST & OLUST, documentary film
producer & director : Maria Kappel / Beata Konar: FAD


(1998)  OLGA – VOICE OF LONELINESS, documentary film(40 min)
Beata Konar: scriptwriter, director, photo, sound, editor, producer


(1995 ) 6,5,4,3 , short film, fiction(7 min)
Beata Konar ; scriptwriter, director, photo, sound, editor, producer  in cooperation with filmmaker Maria Kappel


producer : The  Documentary section at the Swedish Television / Beata Konar: director, editor


(1993) MARIA  & KÄRLEKEN, documentary film series (SVT)
producer : Swedish Television, Margareta Hjelm/ Beata Konar: assistant editor to Dick Idestam Almquist


(1993) RAGGARE, documentary film
producer : Swedish Television / director : Birgitta Bergmark / Beata Konar : researcher


producer : Stjärn TV / Beata Konar: scriptwriter, director, editor  in cooperation with filmmaker Maria Kappel


(1991 ) ETTAGLUTTAREN, shortfilm, fiction
Stockholm Filmshool – ensamble work. Graduate work



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